Remember when I said last May I was going to start blogging? Well, I didn’t. Maybe it wasn’t so much  a lie of commission as omission. But  I did write. I pulled out a short story I started ages ago and after figuring out a way to change what is an often told story to make what I hope will be one that is distinctly unique. And further more-I am going to try Self-Publishing it. For one reason, I want to see what happens. There’s an adage about the difference between cooks and bakers is the former will throw things into a pot and see what happens. In baking, you have to be precise(creative experimental, but precise nonetheless)The other is-well, I’m not sure what to say without giving too much away. So, in November, I hope everyone will travel over to Amazon and look for my new Christmas Novel, Almost a Princess-a book I describe as a story with a twist. The cover is beautiful, and exactly captured what I wanted. I’m also finishing up another Christmas story for Books To Go Now, with the goal of having it finished by next Friday. A split of champagne if I do. I have a dear writing friend who shares my love of red wine, but doesn’t like champagne. Horrors! But as one my favorite romance heroes, Julia Quinn’s Colin Bridgerton would say, “More for me.” Wasn’t he just the best hero?

Second part-I’m going to blog about my diet. I’m not sure what I’m doing or not doing, but something has to change. I’ll do something I never do-admit my weight. I weigh 151 pounds. And that’s way too much. So tomorrow after work, it’s me and the gym(and I have been going)and the pool and later to the track with BUDDYANDFEBE THE WONDERDOGS!

So October is in a few days-my birthday month-so the die is cast. I’ll be making my yearly pilgrimage to Atlanta for Moonlight and Magnolias-Hey Brenda! Hey Nikki! Can’t wait to see you!-hopefully a few pounds lighter and ready to meet with agents and editors. See you later this week. Peace.


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