Well, November is here and there are nearly 60 days left in the year. What can be done in sixty days? A great deal I hope. There is a barely started novel that I told myself would be finished by the end of the summer(HA!)Losing a lot of weight(HA HA) and starting to blog three times a week.(HAHAHA)Ah, the slogans i hear in my head about the best intentions and all that. But now I have this trusty NEW computer, so at least as far as blogging goes, I have no excuse. I know my trepidation about anything technical is what’s holding be back. but I have to get over that fear. So all of you out there, please help me be accountable to my self. Or otherwise, take up a HUGE collection of money so you can endow me and and I can quit my day job to stay home and write all the time.(BRRAAHAHAHHH!-Can you hear Bart Simpson laughing?) Please check in next Monday when I am going to feature (the first time ever)a BTGN author. So stay tuned! Now I’m off to take Buddyand Febe the Wonder Dogs for a very long walk!


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