Monthly Archives: September 2013

Thoughts on Writing

Writing is a strange business. You spend time alone, pulling your thoughts into some kind of cohesion as you create, move and manipulate a range of characters through a series of events that will lead them to Happily Ever After. How very strange. And yet writers, even ones who have done it for years will tell you once they start, they really can’t stop. The characters arrive in your head and won’ leave you alone until you get their story down on paper. (Back! Back! Your turn in coming!)And so you keep at it.
And then there’s the dream. Even if you are slowly but steadily building an audience, there is always the dream to do better and more. Stepping outside the comfort zone and trying something new. That is one of the hardest things, to keep challenging yourself.
And then of course, there is the money. Because let’s be honest. We write because we want to make our livings at it, or at least add to our incomes if we have day jobs. And there is nothing quite like opening an envelope that holds not only a check, but a print out of the numbers of copies of your books, novels, novellas, etc sold in a month. It always makes me pause and think, “Wow. That many people bought a copy of. ..?” It’s gratifying at least, and exciting at best when you put the money in the bank. And let’s not forget when you get an e-mail saying, “Hey, we we’re going to publish that story you sent us.” Writers understand this like no one else.(the happy dance, the whooping, the opening the beverage of your choice)It’s not quite like being nominated for an Academy Award, but it still feels great. So I keep writing. Contracts and Checks remind me that someone out there(several someones)”really really like me” to quote an actress when she won an Oscar. Or perhaps they just enjoy my writing. Either way, it will keep me in my chair this afternoon, pounding my way through scenes while I listen to the opera in the background. And now it’s off to the park with the WonderDogs to plot the next chapter…