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So, here I am at the end of the first full week of being Back on Track, and I can safely say, it’s been successful. If I went over my calorie limit, it was by no more than 100 calories, and those were on the days I exercised-and I mean HARD exercise. And on some days, if I couldn’t get to the gym, I walked for an hour with the Wonder Dogs. The worse part about it is my feet are stiff. The classes  i’m taking involve punching and kicking and another is weight-lifting. Yes, Kerri is pumping iron and doesn’t run screaming from the room as the music is blaring away. Schubert and Mozart it’s not, but I can’t see yelling YEAH! while listening to the music of those two lovely composers(OK, Schubert was far from lovely, but his music made up for it.)And I’ve actually done some major tweaking an old but much loved work. So, goals for this week. Keep entering the foods I ate/Make it to the gym on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday(more pumping and screaming)and write. I welcome any friendly, easy to fix and meatless recipes. And i found one for a “Mock” Frosty that I intend to try next weekend. Time to bring in the dogs.  tidy the kitchen and then write. See you on Wednesday.



Well, here I am into day Five of being Back On Track(Ooh-BOT. I like that. Aren’t I clever?)Since last Saturday, I’ve managed to follow my eating plan and exercised in some form every day. Saturday, Sunday and yesterday I made it to the gym for fifty minutes of hard, cardio-strength building classes. You may NOT call me “Ah-nold” by any stretch. It’s quite a discipline to put down everything you ate. Fortunately, the computer helps with searches or you can manually put in your “favorite foods” so you don’t have to do the math(that would be a disaster for me)And since I like to cook(really, really like to cook)meal preparation does not seem like a chore. So, there it is. I’m not going to weigh myself until the end of next  week. No sense in getting discouraged to soon. Any recipes(vegetable or fish only please. And low cal chocolate. Never forget the chocolate!)are always welcome. So now it’s off to the Food Pantry and then to the lumberyard! No, wait. That was Young Frankenstein. I meant to the gym.

Here’s to your good health.



Remember my last post just before Romfest? Well, ladies and gentlemen I’m here to tell you, it was  a total failure. And so I’ve let the rest of the summer go by with so-so eating habits and not nearly enough exercise. So, I’m going to do something I never do. I’m going to tell you how much I weigh and do bi-weekly posts about my goal to lose ten pounds by M/M the first weekend in October. I weigh 148 pounds, the most I’ve ever weighed in my life. I strongly suspect that’s why I’m hypertensive. So, here’s what I’m doing. Now that I can leave work much earlier, i’m determined to get to the gym at least three times a week and track my eating at a free website AND start drinking lots and lots of water. This weekend I went to the gym both yesterday and today and worked out in a class that lasted an hour. I also walked the “kids” three and 1/2 miles today before I put my butt in the chair and tore apart and hopefully put back together a WIP. Looking back on it, I got to the gym last week as well, and got in a bit of walking. So I think I’m off to a good start. This is my new discipline. BLOGGING ABOUT MY DIET AND EXERCISE! Now I must go because Febe is insisting we go outside. I’ll check in on Wednesday. Bye