I went to a meeting today where the topic was on using Social Media. I am  relieved to say that I’m wasn’t the only one there who is still confused by the whole SM(not that SM!)explosion.  I still have a hard time believing that the cyberspace population wants to hear my thoughts(many of them very wise and witty)on anything. Except of course unless they’re about Holmes the Wonder dog. Do I tweet or blog or Facebook about the weather? My job? It’s an interesting concept and a convenient way to share information, but I’m going to advocate for an old fashioned way to stay in touch.

Greeting cards. The kind you send through the mail. The kind where you have to sit down and add a message of your own composition along with the pre-printed greeting. As a result of being a sucker of companies asking for contributions for all kinds of causes(especially for animals)and writing them a check, I have lots and lots of greeting cards for all occasions. Sometimes I send the card for no reason at all.  But people love them. They actually seem surprised to have received it in the first place.

Which leads me to thank you notes. A dear friend’s daughter graduated from high school a year ago, and my friend insisted that said daughter write thank you notes for the gifts she had received. The daughter, a very nice young woman “didn’t get it” but did as she was asked. My friend explained that in another twenty years or so, this would probably be a lost art, but that to receive a handwritten  acknowledgment of all the gifts the daughter had received would be much appreciated by the sender.  It’s certainly easier to send an e-mail or e-card but writing a card or note keeps our fingers (and hopefully our brains )nimble.And nothing but nothing beats the smile from the friend who says, “Hey! Thanks for the card! It made my day.” The same could be said for those friends who send us cards. A small but wonderful gift to find waiting for you.

And so, dear friends, get thee to a shoppe that selleth greeting cards! A mailbox is waiting!



  1. Grace Burrowes August 12, 2012 at 12:38 pm Reply

    I’m having my Christmas greeting cards printed now. Of course, they were created by my web designers…. ARGH. I share your bewilderment regarding social media as a marketing tool, but I’m very clear that it’s fun and important to stay in touch with those readers who want to know about the author behind the books.

    My rule of thumb with the social media: If I’ not enjoying it, I don’t do it. I’m better off spending the time writing the next book, and I think my readers would agree.

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