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Today I’m blogging about tea, that wonderful beverage that always pops up in romance novels. One would think the English had invented it. But tea had actually had a slow introduction to the British Isles.My old British cookbook says tea was introduced to England by the Dutch in the 16th century, but really became popular after the Restoration of the monarchy in the 1660’s. Charles II-who knew how to have a good time -married a princess from Portugal, where tea was already popular. Within 10 years, imports of tea had trebled, but was still a luxury item. Until the1830’s all tea came from from China, which explains the high cost. And according to Tea with Jane Austen, the precious item was often kept in a locked box, and one person had the key to it. “High tea” is more of a meal, consumed in the late afternoon or early evening.  And to make the best cup of tea, one must absolutely start with fresh, cold water, brought to a “galloping” boil.Microwaving water is heresy and Jane Austen will come after you if do. Cheers!


Welcome to my New Website!

It’s the third of March, welcome to my new website, created by my good friend, Leanne Tyler. I’ve always loved the Victorian Era and hope that you will step back in time and enjoy these stories. You will see that Christmas is one of my favorite times of year and I have loved creating these stories just for you. So have a cup of tea and enjoy.